Alsager Company of Archers
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About us

Founded 1974
On the shooting line
Alsager Company of Archers was formed back in 1974 from an Evening Class run at the local Comprehensive School. Two Clubs were formed, the Town and the School Club The School Club provided ample supply of would be Robin Hoods and the club quickly established itself as one of the top Junior/School clubs in the County and the region. The Town Club has had it’s share of notable successes in the past with Sylvia Harris, Matthew Gray, Mike Wheeler and Andrew Lewis and most recent Thomas Nairn, ALL representing Great Britain. Originally the club was based at the Comprehensive in Alsager, as it was know then, but by 1994 we were finding a need for better facilities and more shooting time. So in March of ‘94 we moved to the Cranberry Lane County Junior School. With the aid of a Grant from the Foundation for Sports and Arts we were able to purchase secure Storage (A Container - see photos below on it’s siting) plus at the same time updating our Beginner’s Equipment. Club continues to grow with a very healthy membership of around 70 members and early in 2008 the facilities were further extended when a Club house was brought - check out the photos taken on the day when the Club house arrived.