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Club Programme 2022 - Events

Alsager Company of Archers
Founded 1974

Page updated 03-Apr-2022

Club's Annual General Meeting Cheshire Show - Volunteers required Junior Club Meetings - Saturdays - 09.30am to 11.30am 22/04/2022 at Quinta school 7.00-9.00 20-Jun-22 Monday - 5pm Van Load up 09-Apr-22 02-Jul-22 21-Jun-22 Tuesday - Have-A-Go 16-Apr-22 09-Jul-22 Club's Awards Presentation Evening 22-Jun-22 Wednesday - Have-A-Go 23-Apr-22 16-Jul-22 Target Day  20/05/2022 at the Horseshoe Inn  7.00pm-later  22-Jun-22 Wednesday - 6.30pm ish Unload 30-Apr-22 23-Jul-22 07-May-22 30-Jul-22 Beginners Courses 14-May-22 06-Aug-22 Club Night  Course 1 - Saturdays - 1pm - 3pm 21-May-22 Target Day  13-Aug-22 Target Day  13-Apr-22 13-Jul-22 Session 1 23-Apr-22 28-May-22 20-Aug-22 20-Apr-22 20-Jul-22 Session 2 30-Apr-20 04-Jun-22 27-Aug-22 27-Apr-22 27-Jul-22 Session 3 07-May-22 11-Jun-22 03-Sep-22 11-May-22 17-Aug-22 Session 4 14-May-22 18-Jun-22 Target Day  10-Sep-22 Outdoor Champs 18-May-22 24-Aug-22 Course 2 - Sunday - 1pm - 3pm 25-Jun-22 17-Sep-22 Target Day  25-May-22 31-Aug-22 Session 1 24-Apr-22 24-Sep-22 08-Jun-22 14-Sep-22 Session 2 01-May-22 15-Jun-22 21-Sep-22 Session 3 08-May-22 29-Jun-22 28-Sep-22 Session 4 15-May-22 Summer Soup Shoots  Course 3 - Saturday - 1pm - 3pm Warwick (4 Dozen) Rounds Archer's Development Sessions Session 1 11-Jun-22  - Go for Club Badges Wednesdays - 6pm to 8.30pm Session 2 18-Jun-22 April 10/04/2022 06-Apr-22 Session 3 25-Jun-22 May 29/05/2022 04-May-22 Session 4 02-Jul-22 June 26/06/2022 01-Jun-22 July 24/07/2022 06-Jul-22 August 21/08/2022 03-Aug-22 Club Outdoor Championships September 25/09/2022 07-Sep-22 12-Jun-22 Barebow 10-Sep-22 Junior Recurve  Annual Club CLOUT - 1st Leg 11-Sep-22 Senior Recurve & Compound 6.30pm Sighters First year Archer's Sessions 16-Oct-22 Longbow 10-Aug-22 Mondays- 6pm to 8.30pm 04-Apr-22 04-Jul-22 Annual Double American/Junior 11-Apr-22 11-Jul-22 Junior Targetdays - Saturdays - 09-Oct-22 02-May-22 18-Jul-22 21-May-22  09.45am SIGHTERS 09-May-22 25-Jul-22 18-Jun-22  09.45am SIGHTERS Annual ACA Western Round  16-May-22 01-Aug-22 16-Jul-22  09.45am SIGHTERS 05-Jun-22 23-May-22 08-Aug-22 13-Aug-22  09.45am SIGHTERS 30-May-22 15-Aug-22 17-Sep-22  09.45am SIGHTERS 06-Jun-22 22-Aug-22 13-Jun-22 29-Aug-22 Senior Targetdays - Sundays 27-Jun-22 05-Sep-22 22-May-22  - 10am SIGHTERS 12-Sep-22 19-Jun-22  - 10am SIGHTERS 19-Sep-22 17-Jul-22  - 10am SIGHTERS 26-Sep-22 14-Aug-22  - 10am SIGHTERS 18-Sep-22  - 10am SIGHTERS