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Club Programme - Events Oct 2019 to March 2020

Alsager Company of Archers
Founded 1974
ALSAGER II  Indoor Targetday FITA18/WA18m & Cheshire Winter Leagues   1st Round     1st Round   1st Round   October 22nd Tuesday November 19th Tuesday November 2nd Saturday October 25th Friday November 22nd Friday November 5th Tuesday October 26th Saturday November 23rd Saturday November 8thFriday   2nd Round     2nd Round   2nd Round   November 23th Saturday December 7th Saturday December 14th Saturday November 26th Tuesday December 10th Tuesday December 17th Tuesday November 29th Friday December 13th Saturday December 20th Friday   3rd Round     3rd Round   3rd Round   January 10th Friday January 3th Friday January 17th Friday January 11th Saturday January 4th Saturday January 18th Saturday January 14th Tuesday January 7th Tuesday January 21st Tuesday   4th and FINAL Round     4th Round   4th Round   February 11th Tuesday February 4th Tuesday February 18th Tuesday February 14th Friday February 7th Friday February 21st Friday February 15th Saturday February 8th Saturday February 22nd Saturday 5th and FINAL Round   5th and FINAL Round   SOUP SHOOT - 10.30am Sighters March 6th Friday March 17th Tuesday 1st Round 17th November March 7th Saturday March 20th Friday 2nd Round 8th December March 10th Tuesday March 21st Saturday 3rd Round 5th January 4th Round 9th February Indoor Recurve/Compound/Barebow Championships NO SHOOTING SESSIONS 5th Round 8th March 24th January Friday 15th November Friday 25th January Saturday 6th December Friday Indoor Challenge 28th January Tuesday 24th December Tuesday 24th March Tuesday 31st December Tuesday 27th March Friday Indoor Longbow Championships 28th March Saturday 25th February Tuesday Christmas Clout - 10.30m Sighters 28th February Friday 15th December Sunday - TBC Team Shoot & Pie and Peas Evening 29th February Saturday 25th January Saturday 6pm - 9pm  ACA Club Clout - 2nd Leg CHESHIRE ARCHERY ASSOCIATION and   19th January Sunday 10.30am Sighters ACA Club Outdoor Longbow Championships Indoor County Championships 20th October Sunday 10am Sighters 1st March Sunday 10am - To be Confirmed ACA Annual Double American 13th October Sunday 10am Sighters