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Club and the COVID-19 Pandemic

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With the COVID-19 Restrictions being lifted on the 19th July 2021 the Club is fully aware that there is still a very dangerous virus out there and we still need to be careful and ensure that our Outdoor Range is safe and most importantly comfortable for ALL our members to enjoy their shooting on. We still need to create an accurate record of who is/has shooting/shot which is why we will be still running a Target Booking System and the Committee does emphasis that people’s space is repsected. Maximum number of Targets that will be permitted to placed out on the field at any one time will be 10. Targets still must be placed at least 4 Metres apart (Centre to Centre). The centres of Targets are marked across the fields are the Shooting Line, 30m, 50, 70 and 90m. a maximum of 2 Club Members can shoot on each target but please try to keep 2 metres apart on the Shooting Line.u Yes, we know that the Social Distancing is no longer in force but there are several members who are not happy to get too close just yet. Please respect people’s space. If you from the same hosuehold its up to you whether to use the 2 metre marks. Please regularly sanitise your hands using you own Hand Sanitiser or the Sanitiser the Club has provided. It is no longer a requirement to allocate Target Faces/Pins to each members. However, if you wish to continue to doing this please feel free to carry on. Thank you for your patience ACA COMMITTEE 25-Nov-2021
The current Sessions available are :-
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No longer a need to book a Target place

We are trialing the use of the Club’s WhatsApp Group to notify the membership when members are coming down to field at Cranberry to shoot. So to make this work it does does require members to send a message out on the Club’s Group chat when you are planning to come down to the field to shoot at specific time so other members can also come down to the field and join you in shooting. Still use the Session times listed below as a guide.